Survival is the key of the flight. The more it is prepared, more chances are to survive, and more chances are not to use the survival gear (…I hope).

Finally yesterday I have received all the survival gear. It includes a lot of things and I hope to have time  later to list what I will carry with me.

Now the problem is the free room in the plane. Tomorrow I will have a first fitting trial.

PLBs are a good thing, but not approved for aircrafts in some countries. It is silly, because those devices  help a lot for SAR teams to accomplish their job.

So, after some brainstorming, I am carrying a pretty neat device, not to forget the Iridium one with its emergency switch.

Today I have got the Nicaragua clearance and astonished with their fast and efficient way of working: it is a pleasure!

So far, only Mauritania and Nicaragua are the fastest ones to provide their clearance.

Finally, I have decided to buy another parachute. The one I have is not nice for such a project because it is bulky and stiff. I should receive the new one by next tuesday.

A lot of ¨fun those days …!


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