Surfing the south

Surfing the south

Today was a nice day: the flight would be a short one, some 04:30 hrs, and I would fly over nice scenery.


I took it easy this morning, with no rush. That allowed me to prepare the aircraft, prepare my dry immersion suit, refuel, and even chat with David, a very kind Mildura pilot, who is the owner of a Jaribu airplane.

David provided me the gear and helped me to clean the results of shooting down so many flies, with the windshield.

Everybody around was nice, even the taxi driver who had the face of a killer ! That taxi driver told me that a Kangaroo hit a propeller at Mildura airport and bent it.

I think that somebody had Kangaroo dinner that same day!

South Mildura is a farmers area. Quite different from the north area. It was fancy to see how farmers plant trees to form like barriers or limiting fences. Air was soft, stable, and colder.


I was slicing it like does a knife through soft butter.

Melbourne ATC was clear on the radio, and again to say that flying VFR in Australia is a good experience.

Again I was in a different kind of remote area, until I reached tle ¨Southern Ocean¨.

Beautiful shore, with nobody around. A dream for surfers and lunch chance for sharks.


I said bye to Continental Australia, with a very good feeling about my stay there.

Soon, the King Island was in sight, and again, over the sea.

I was not sure to don my dry-suit. So yesterday I checked the water temperature (13 C) and the survival chances (one hour to become unconscious, one to six hours to die !).

No time for any rescuer to help!

Better to be dry if I have to ditch, if I want to survive !

So, those beautiful beaches are for the valiant guys, but not for cowards like myself!

Again, soon, the Albatros Island was in sight, but no way to see those wonderful gliders.


Then was the hunters islands, but from 5500 ft, difficult to sea any sea lions.

Finally, I was entering Tasmania !: what a beautiful area, and shore.


Soon, flat landscape turned into mountains, even with some snow still on them. The landscape was aggressive, plenty of trees, lakes, rocks. Very easy to feel the freedom inside !


Cambridge airport is just one mile from busy Hobart airport. Three runways are available there!

Operating there requires to be in contact with Hobart Tower. It is very important for them to know where are the Cambridge operating airplanes.

Even though, it was quite easy: EC XLL, cleared to the approach point !

When entering the apron, I was directed to a small area next to the airclub. There was Joy with his crew, registering everything. Joy is the Air Safari man, from Philippines . Also there was Greg, my rescuer, from Par Aviation. He was the nice guy that took reception of the skis, and other stuff I had to receive. Like a true Angel !

Soon, Don Prairie, the President of the South Tasmania Aeroclub, arrived. Same thing !

I really feel well with all of them

What else could I wish?



skypolarisadmin / Oct 30, 2016 12:33 am / Reply

Michel, I am glad that Tasmania is treating you well! Thank you to all of the people there who are helping you. Who knows when you will be in Tasmania again, so take lots of photos and do some sight-seeing.

Don Pearsall

MAYTE ESCUDE / Oct 31, 2016 4:12 am / Reply

Que haces con ese bicho? cuidado con el !!!! la pregunta es para el canguro jejeje
por fin has podido ver un canguro ya tocaba ,ahora solo te falta ver el monstruo de tasmania ,animo y mucha suerte ya te queda menos para cumplir la mision aunque sea la parte mas dura conociendote se que la disfrutaras minuto a minuto , consejo de bruja antes de emprender el vuelo al polo compra una botella de whisky o coñac al menos tendras calor interior.
lo dicho suerte a por el polo !!!!

paula saiz de bustamante / Oct 31, 2016 12:12 pm / Reply

Me han encantado estas fotos, bueno todas… y también saber que la gente en Australia y Tasmania están tan pendientes de ti y tratándote muy bien. Verdaderamente te lo mereces. Muchas suerte, el Polo Sur te espera. Ánimo y al toro! como se suele decir…

Schneider_p / Oct 31, 2016 1:37 pm / Reply

Some testing in practise area YMD-316, probably to assess the drag of the skis? Now at Hobart international to fuel up? That means the time window is next to be awaited to allow crossing the Southern ocean. Windyty currently shows favourably 25-40 knots winds from surface to FL100, swinging gently towards Mario Zuchelli over the next 3 days. Surface temps will drop from +7 to -20 at surface along the route, and remain comfortable enough at higher altitudes (higher than -10).

Sooo, all the best for the coming days Captain Michel, blue skies, strong tailwinds and happy landings, wherever!

Tomas / Nov 1, 2016 3:19 am / Reply

Estamos felices de saber que vas muy bien y por comenzar el cruce de la Antartida. Te deseamos mucha suerte y que Dios te acompañe y guie por tu vuelo atravezando el polo. Un fuerte abrazo querido amigo, a diario seguimos tu extraordinaria aventura.

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