Skypolaris Ace

Skypolaris Ace


Malta Apron 3

Huge breakfast at the east south mediterranean Egypt Bellevue Hotel.

European and Arab food, at the customer´s choice, including coffee, Belila (a kind of milk with cereals), Halawa (made of almonds, I think). All kind of breads, teas, and non natural juices. Everything included with the room charge.

Please, where is the water ?

Water? ….it is extra charge ! Not included with the breakfast !

Mersa Matruh is a touristic area where buildings reminds me the east spanish coast. White sand and clear water, but maintenance is poor, and garbage is all around. Just a little change on that, and sure tourism would increase.

Some explanation was provided to me relative to my heavily diverted flight. Sinai (even far from my stay) is not a peaceful area, and there is military activity, the ones with true shells, not just fireworks. So, from times to times, Controllers become very restrictive. All to say, always with a good mood. Most of them, don´t like the bread 🙂

I am happy to inform you that I have become an ACE !

It was soon after starting to write these words.

Soon, a continuos flow of enemies approached me from all the sides and started to attack me.

Using well known spanish fighter techniques, soon six were shot down. Not a single one survived.

Even if I was already an Ace, they didn´t care. 15 kills more, but no rest !

I had to design a new strategy. Not far away, there was a free table with a huge blower in front.

I turned it towards me, full power, and created a severe windshear, together with turbulence. A true tornado !

Flies, first attempted to continue their approach, but soon, they had to go around.

The few that were not professional, or worked for a low cost airline, attempted to land on me, but they finally crashed.

When I left the area, plenty of flies were scattered around my combat area. A true adventure !

Then I left the Hotel for a walk. It was really hot already under the Sun. Walking however under the buildings shadows was fine. I followed the beach and then entered the city to have a better feeling of it.


A lot of soldiers all around, in front of buildings, that should be Government ones. Women shopping, some people resting, and a few cars and truck under the never stopping Bip Bip of their horns.



If you like movies, and specially 3Ds movies, here is the place for more:

you have 9D !


But if it is not enough for you, also here is the place: go for 12D cinema !


Otherwise, no much to see, and that is good for rest. I needed it.

Early get up tomorrow, for some seven and a half hours flight time (plus ATC, of course !) and neutral winds average. Another step, and closer to finish number one part: Africa !

Being an Ace stimulate !

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Schneider_p / Oct 5, 2016 4:28 pm / Reply

since you`re an ace now, don´t care about the crocodiles under your belly below your flight path. They will try to snap at you….
Have a good trip, Peter!

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