Tomorrow wednesday, I will position the aircraft at Cuatro Vientos Airport, located west of Madrid.

I will do some tests in the flight and check if finally, the Iridium positioning works for real time tracking.

Finally, I was able to have all my survival gear located inside the aircraft and I am happy to still have room for my pants!

Even I have room to carry also seven liters of water, a requirement made by Mauritania Authority, to survive if I need to emergency land somewhere.

Friday at noon, I will have an interview for newspapers and other reporters, and then….the flight is opened.

Most of the tiring and exiting final days will be just a nightmare and heat, winds, thunderstorms and difficult to read Controllers, just pure joy (I hope).

I have to tell everybody that Softie Parachutes have decided to sponsor this project, so we all feel very glad.

It is late to receive their brand new and light parachute, so it will be delivered at Sun and Fun.

Sooooo, first part of the flight, I will have some more room around me and I will not jump anywhere !


Yes, I carry a few items.

I have a small raft, just for one person, called LRU 16. It is lightweight and inflatable all around, for freezing waters. That is the good side.

The bad side is the color: a nice black one, just to be invisible !. The reason is its military design.

So I am carrying reflective mylar, signal mirrors, flares, dye water marker and even a whistle (just in case if I become crazy!)

Of course, my Iridium Sat phone, VHF portable radio (for SAR aircraft vectoring) and PLB. Food for seven days and a special pump to filter all the water I want. No room for music, but I will be able to chat if I need it.

Of course, a small solar panel to recharge the sat com device.

The life jacket is quite strange. It is similar to those infaltable collars that a lot of people use when resting in airliners.

A full set for polar survival is also on board. It is designed to walk or rest at minus 40 degrees celsius. A small tent, with a fuel stove, and a sleeping bag, also for extreme cold.

Hand warmers, gloves and so.

I was forgetting the dry immersion suit is also packed somewhere in the plane.

I think that now, you can understand my concerns about room in the plane.

Tools, luggage, aethalometer, data loggers, cameras, and more


New clearance record: Guatemala !

Just five minutes !!!

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