Maodo was there, when I shutted down the engine at Dakar International Airport gate J5, next to an airliner.

Maodo is a young skinny guy from Senegal, actually a private pilot, to gonna be an airline good one.

The fact is that even though he is 22 years old and just has 100 hours as pilot, I have realized that he knows very well what he is doing and where he goes. Mature and helpful, he is the better support that  could have had during my Dakar stay.

So, just to start, it was like arriving into another planet. Everybody was different from the ones at Jerez. Also the police and armed forces were quite intimidating. Only a first feeling, as the thruth was that they were kindly and warm.

Everything went fast and in a few minutes I was back into the plane to taxi it at the near aeroclub ramp.

There, a lot of the aeroclub members were waiting. It was really nice to stay with them.

Of course, a small airplane with a huge range is something different to the trainers ones.

So, it was time to refuel and prepare the plane for the next hop. That includes paying the landing and airport fees.

Again, the guys at Senegal Civil Aviation were supportive and nice, so the total amount of fees were close to…$4.

Not to forget that the transportation inside the airport is free.

A lot to learn by the spanish AENA !!!!

February the 21st, was used for computer typing and a short walk across the beach where millions of persons were training (mainly football).

It was really nice to walk within them.

22nd was used for visiting some monuments and to return to the aeroclub to stay with them. Dakar is related with slavery. A sad story of humankind.

Finally, today the 23rd, I felt ill, may be related with the fruits I ate. So, the visit to Gorée, an island from where slaves departed into Europe and Americas, was spent sleeping in the beach, as I am feeling really bad.

It is a pity that in all the countries there are bad people: when returning to the hotel, I was attempted to be robbed. Fortunately, I took the robber hand out of my trouser pocket and reacted with enough energy to intimidate him. Fortunatly, he was ¨working¨alone.

Dakar is a live city. People all around, but I was surprised not to see old people. I seems that when they become old, they stay at home under the care of the children. French is the official language, but ¨Wolof¨is the real language.

Let us see how I feel tomorrow. I will take off at sunrise, form the seashore, and land 11:15 hrs later, at the seashore. A lot of water in between. Winds are going to be light, and rolling from tailwind into crosswind

.aeroclub dakar DSC_0112 (1) DSC_0121 (1) Maodo Maodo2 University studentsIMG_4336


skypolarisadmin / Feb 23, 2016 10:18 pm / Reply

Great story Michel! Good thing you foiled the robber. Don’t depart tomorrow if you still don’t feel well. Brazil will still be there the next day. You want to be feeling very good for the dangerous 12 hour flight. Enjoy your stay in Dakar!

paula saiz de bustamante / Feb 23, 2016 11:01 pm / Reply

Bonita historia Michel! Nos acerca un poquito a Dakar. Si no te encuentras bien, retrasa tu vuelo… esta aventura puede esperar un día. Ánimo!!

Pierre Lucas / Feb 23, 2016 11:16 pm / Reply

Félicitations Michel and all our best wishes for the cross of South Atlantic to Brazil tomorrow.
You are for us and all pilots of Dakar aéroclub a source of inspiration : when you can combine aviation, science and pioneer spirit, such a great adventure. Please keep us posted, we will follow you during the entire trip.
Feliz adventura.
Pierre Lucas ( X-@ERO)

Peter / Feb 24, 2016 12:32 am / Reply

Good luck for the atlantic leg, dear Michel!

ANGEL / Feb 24, 2016 10:37 am / Reply

Africa siempre te atrapa y los africanos también; a ti parece que te lo han vuelto a hacer, con las cosas sencillas, inclusive ladronzuelo; has vuelto a tus orígenes.
Si los males estomacales no se te han pasado, espera otro día u otro más; el Atlántico y Brasil no se van a escapara.
Mucha suerte con tu paseo atlántico, largo, pero placentero.

Daniel / Feb 24, 2016 10:43 am / Reply

Buen vuelo Michel!!, que los vientos te sean propicios!! Daniel (de la Brioche Dorée)

Marta ,tu hija / Feb 26, 2016 12:32 am / Reply

Ya te estoy echando de menos… Y,¿dónde estás ahora ?Espero que ya estés bien ???.Maripili te está echando de menos también.? Recupérate y buen viaje a Brasil ❤️❤️❤️ Me han encantado tus fotos.Te quiero mucho papi.XXX?

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