Departure from Ushuaia Rescheduled

Departure from Ushuaia Rescheduled

Captain Michel Gordillo reports to Sky Polaris HQ that the weather is bad around his present position in Ushuaia, Argentina and icing is present. The Sky Polaris RV-8 is not equipped to prevent icing and therefore Michel can’t take off. The plane is refueled and ready to go! However weather conditions prevent a take off today.

Icing can be one of the most dangerous conditions that an aircraft can encounter. Pilots avoid icing even if they have de-icing equipment on board. Not only does it reduce lift and thrust, but it increases weight and drag. Not only that, but if it forms on the RV-8 canopy, Michel will not be able to see outside at all. That is not a good situation for landing!

Michel has rescheduled his departure to Sunday, November 20, at 1300 UTC (1100 local time) when the weather is forecast to be much better.

As soon as Michel departs, we will update you.



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