Visiting everything ?

Visiting everything ?

Taxi drivers at Karthum, are very much the same at the rest of the world. It is necessary to make a deal before even trying to get inside.

Taxis are really old cars, and not inviting at all.

After some three or four minutes, once the deal is ok, everything changes. I always sit by the driver and they like that. Soon, a kind of conversation start. I speak english, they speak arab, no way to communicate but…nobody knows !

The big market is south of the airport. I like visiting those places because the feeling of the country is at best.

I have asked in the Hotel about taking photographies, and I was told that it was ok, but never point at military people or sensitive buildings. They confirmed me that the market was no issue.

When I arrived there, it was spectacular !


Plenty of people were around, like fly over a ….tourist?

Bright colors every where. Dried and fried fish were the first to be seen. Then, the butchers, with just killed animals, as no cooling is available there. Then, the fruits, and many other things.


I started shooting as a mad, and all of a sudden, a guy almost attacked me !

He opened his wallet showing a document, of course in arabic. I didn´t know if it was a hotel room access card, or medical one, or driver license.

All his mouth was fire! We was very aggressive !

He made me sign to follow him and said something like security.

Soon, another guy started to be aggressive also, but he touched me, he tried to get next to my pocket, and then, I was clear with him !

No contact, no touch !

He almost was gone immediately , so may be he just wanted to pickpocket me, taking advantage of the confusing moment. I was already on alert about this kind of robbers.

The devil red guy forced me to escort him. I new that something was wrong with the camera, that was hanging from my neck.

Walking next to him, I had my hand opening the memory cards compartments. Two card are in it, the top one for photos and the bottom one for video. I removed the top one and hide the card in my pocket, and then closed the access door. A few meters later, I was at a small police station.

The devil sputtered several words and I was taken in charge by a big military dressed and unkind guy. That want had me inside the small and dirty room where his boss was sitting.

He wanted to see the pictures I have taken. Also he asked me about my passport..

My passport, at Airport Immigration ! I tell him in cherokee english.

Yes, there it is my passport !, I will have it back when departing tomorrow.

Then, the boss made a call and few minutes later came the boss of the boss of the soldier (or whatever).

Salam Aleikum, I told him presenting my hand for a shake.

Alekium Salam, he answered me shaking my hand.

The boss was the boss. He asked me to show him the pictures of the camera, and just saw the start of a beautiful RV8 video….

Then he asked me to provide my data, and so I did.

Finally, using international language, he signaled my camera and said no with his finger…

then, he made another sign…

Would I take more pictures, I would have my forehand remove by knife !!!!

So I was released and of course, visited the market, although no more pictures were taken


Then I took another taxi, expend some time making a deal, and I was driven to the point where the Blue Nile meets the White Nile, and becomes the Nile itself.

Those explorers that tried to discover where the Nile is born are really incredible people. It was a true dangerous time and difficult. My full regards for them !

Today was the day for visiting their National Museum. Before that, I read about Sudan, and it is interesting. Also I read about taking pictures..

They are not allowed. It is necessary to get a special permit and even with it, you can have your camera confiscated. I was lucky indeed.

So, my big camera was left at the hotel, and I took my new Olympus Though. Just would I need it.

I was cleared by the taxi driver to record him, but he asked me to wait until reaching Nile Street, a large avenue where no people stand by the sides.

Then, the camera was kept unused

A web page stated that the entry fee was $35, but actually it was about 10 cents. The museum is small and lacks of support. However it is interesting and relates about the humankind beginning, the fightings with Egypt, the Christians and then, the Muslims. Soon, a group of young students ( about 14 or 15) asked me permission to take pictures from me. I don´t know if they thought I was Santa Claus, or not far away to become a mummy. So I had to spend sometimes being photographed with them.

Later the young guys, wanted to introduce me three female students friends. The ladies, of course wanted a picture with a spanish lovely boy, and of course I said ok.

The selfie picture was about to be made, when the teacher arrived very serious and forced them to dismiss their intentions. Like a lightning, another incandescent devil arrived shouting at them.

The took the ladies apart and I didn´t want to see….

But I felt bad.

I understand that they are their Sharia laws, their traditions and whatever, but it is not easy.

Later I was told that Sudan is easy, if you comply that law.

Did you know that Nubians invented the Wheat?

Tomorrow, the flight is intended to be long. Even some 10 hours.

Weather is not bad. Winds are not helpful, but I think they are not going to retard too much. I think that I will fly with more power and test the theory for long range flights. For my RV, full weight, TAS should go to 160 kts. At light weight, go down close to 100 kts.

I think I will just keep running 🙂

We will see what happens with Ethiopia and their 15000 pies requested.

Tomorrow Ramadan is finished. Everybody will celebrate ! I hope to celebrate too !


paula saiz de bustamante / Oct 8, 2016 9:33 pm / Reply

Have a good flight Michel!

donpearsall / Oct 9, 2016 1:53 am / Reply

Michel, I am so sorry that you, a true world explorer are treated so poorly by the Sudanese ! Taken into custody for having a camera! People are so ignorant and crazy. They should have had a celebration that you were visiting them. Instead they just give bad memories. I bet you want out of there ASAP.

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