This is Michel Gordillo's THIRD round-the-world flight and will study the effects of black carbon particles that are affecting our atmosphere. Please donate to this important mission. (Click here for the planned Route)

Cabo Verde to Canary Islands

By skypolarisadmin

At 0930 UTC Michel once again took the Sky Polaris RV-8 into the skies above the Atlantic Ocean. This time he was heading for another small island in the Atlantic, Read more

Stormy Equator

By Michel Gordillo

It was still twilight, and so far everything was fine. Early get up, at 03 am, for a take off at 05 am local. The day before, I flew from Severino Lopez airfield, where we were (my RV and myself) h

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Cabo Verde at Last!

By skypolarisadmin

After flying in and around thunder storms, battling headwinds for 2700 kilometers, and enduring 10.5 hours of flying without a break, The Sky Polaris project has reached Praia, Cabo Verde! Michel t

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SKY POLARIS is a mission. The mission of Michel Gordillo of Madrid, Spain is to pilot the experimental aircraft that he has built using his own hands to fly around the world THE HARD WAY. Over the Arctic and Antarctic poles. There have been no recorded, successful flights in the history of aviation to do th

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